Need I say it again: Think Local

Your poor ears and eyes have been bombarded forever now with the admonishment/encouragement/plea to think, eat and buy local. I know that, so here are a couple of handy little tips and reference points to help you along in your never ending quest to do the local thing:

Check out Local Harvest on the web: these folks who will deliver fresh local organic produce to YOUR DOOR! It’s a Boise couple who will gather and deliver the best of the best to you.

I saw loads of fresh berries being carried out of the Saturday market last weekend. Strawberries and raspberries from our valley. These are fab in shortcakes and desserts right now, but don’t forget to whip up a batch (a SMALL batch of freezer jam) for remembrances of summer in say, January. (I’ll post some recipe ideas later today so you have time to gather up what you will need).

Book recommends for this eating local bidnez: Cooking outside the box: easy, seasonal, organic by Able and Cole, published by Collins, 2006.

And more:

Jamie at Home, by Jamie Oliver
Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes by Jeanne Kelley.