Nasty weather

Here it is.  The dreaded inversion has arrived.  Yuk. This evening I could smell the smog like it had been hanging out at my front door (which, essentially, it has been doing).  This could last a week or two weeks.  The cold air is trapped in the valley with all the nasty pollutants that normally blow through here.  It’s like the city has a lid on it, like on a boiling pot.  If you can drive up and out of town, toward the ski hill, you  can get above the brown inversion layer.  And see the sun! Wonder of wonders! But until then, I will work at my desk and pretend that none of the nasty is out there.

Have your seed catalogs started to arrive?  And is it catalog or catalogue?  Totally Tomatoes, Thompson and Morgan and a handful of others are filling up the basket next to the desk.  I don’t DARE look at them.  For crying out loud, the Christmas tree is sitting outside in a bucket of water, still waiting to come in.  Now, the High Country Gardens catalog, well, that’s another story.