My helper…….the under gardener

Oh MAN, what a guy!

So, I am in the kitchen, cooking up a storm this morning. It’s my way to avoid cooking when it’s 105 in the shade later today. Husband is bustling about the garden, pruning, cleaning up, tidying somedays it is delish to have a compulsive neat freak in the garden.

He volunteers to yank out the lavender plant that is past its prime bloom time and starting to take over the staircase. I am not ready for the gaping hole that would leave behind. Besides, he blew out his hamstring earlier this week and I don’t want him on the business end of a shovel. We concur (yeah, it’s RARE) that the lavender would be better looking with a good pruning. I go back in the kitchen.

About 20 minutes later I go out to see how its coming. He’s standing there with the new Fiskars shearing thingies (they resemble giant scissors) and when I ask him what’s up, he tells me he can’t bring himself to cut the lavender cuz all the bees are so busy beeing………….”Good grief, get with it man!” I tell him.

You can just bet he wasn’t allowed to watch Lassie or Old Yeller.