Mutt and Jeff, episode 2

So, Jeff comes over to my house to deliver a wonderful, heartfelt thank you gift: an antique grinding stone, which he promptly places in my bowl of blue rocks and it looks………terrific. I hate him.

I had watered for him when he was out of town last week. You will love the instructions: water and when you do, you will have the cell phone to your ear and you will be telling me in minute detail how the garden is faring in my absence. Also, a report on my dogs will be in order. Feel free to deadhead but only if you know how to do it properly, which is to say, the Jeff way, all the way to the base of the offending flower stem. No snapping off of the heads. No. Messy.

Really??? I am thinking it would be messy alright……… snap his head off. JUST kidding. Maybe. He means well. And his garden is perfect. OK. It is in perfect order.

You will love this: he found some really groovy bright lime green Emerald Carousel barberries a couple of weeks ago. Raved on about them. Brought me three and I cheerfully paid him for them. But, you know me, I am always in, what shall we call it, a ‘holding pattern’, and my barberries have yet to be planted. Damn good thing. So, now, Jeff is thinking he could use two of my barberries in the entry garden. Clever of him, eh? I think it is even more clever of me because I didn’t have to plant all three. I can manage to plant just one and be very proud that I helped out my dear dear friend. Charity begins, and ends, at home.