More seeds. Or, Wishlist 2009, Part 2

Yes, Virginia, there are more seeds on their way to my garden.

A friend of mine once said, “It is important to examine your intentions.” Keeping that in mind, upon close examination, it is my intent to have one kick butt Victory Garden in 2009. And, as my beloved wise grandmother use to tell me, “Make yourself useful as well as ornamental.” OK, can do. I am planting some vegetables AMONGST the flowers. I’ve actually put a great deal of thought into color combinations, plant combining for pest management, and productivity. Just gettin’ warmed up to tell you the truth.

So, here is the next batch on order from Select Seeds: Heirloom Treasures for Modern Gardens. Photos for your viewing pleasure

Pink Pinwheels Four O’Clock
More Calendula, Touch of Orange
Cosmos Rubenza
Black Swan Poppy, papaver somniferumpoppy-black-swan
Heirloom Poppy
Tobacco mutabilis for that airie fairy look
Benary Giant Zinnias, Orange, Scarlet, and Salmon

And then, there are the Espresso Gladioulus. I have never grown glads, but think I might give them a try.

And that my gardening friends, is what I call LUSCIOUS.