More penstemons please.

Pouring down rain here and what am I doing? Buying and planting more plants, that’s what. That’s WHAT a die hard gardener and her under gardener does for kicks.

We popped 5 Helmand Pillar barberries in the center bed today, and if I do say so myself, they look positively smashing as a backdrop to the penstemon psuedospectabils. YES, they do. Just imagine when the ethereal blue echinops pops and the erygium isn’t far behind! Of course I’ve also got on order echium amoenumerygium, Red Feathers, the new hot cha cha selection from Plant Select.

We shall see how the Red Feathers look w/the Pillars (burgundy but changeable).

And right now, the penstemon strictus and Rocky Mountain penstemons are so beautiful they almost stop me in my tracks. I picked up a few more of those this week.

Did you know there are about 900 different penstemon(s)?