More news from the New West

I love this e-newspaper, the NEW WEST. It’s a wonderful roundup (oh, yes, I meant to say that) of news articles and musings from reporters and writers in the Intermountain West. Every week, I make a point of checking out Kisha Schlegel’s articles. This one on green roofs and urban agriculture is great. She presented some very interesting stats: fifty percent of all Asian households farm, and in Latin America, families spend at least ONE DAY a week farming. Click here to read the piece.

I hope the folks in Boise’s North End Neighborhood Association stumble on this article. Their group has taken issue with a developer in Boise who wants to do high density infill on an old nursery property. He wants a semi-flat, 1950’s type of roof/building style which I would refer to as mid-century modern. (I know, modern sometimes has an “e” on it.) By the way, David Hale wants to top it off with a sensible green roof.

NO NO NO the opposition says, we want gabled roofs. Why? Cuz that’s what you know? You can’t put a green roof on a gabled roof my friends. Get with the program. And while I am at it, the Hale Development property sits across Hill Road from the North End. That puts it in a neighborhood entirely different from your cottagey/bungalow area. My house was one of the first built in that area, in 1959. And I have news for you, the historical vernacular of my home is……………………..mid century modern(e) with a flat roof. Think Richard Neutra, Rudolf Schindler and Frank Lloyd Wright. Neutra and Schindler studied with Wright.

And just for the record, Boise is getting with it: the new Barber Park facility has a green roof as does the Gathering Place in the new Lewis and Clark Garden at the Idaho Botanical Garden. You might want to check out both buildings.

I, on the other hand, have a dismal view of the big honkin’ Healthwise offices. A giant concrete edifice with a jumbo, stark white swimming pool for a rooftop. My thought, since they shaved off part of the foothills to put the building in place, they could have at least put on a green roof so when I look out at the foothills I could see green roof plant material instead of a humongous white swimming pool.

That’s what I love about blogging. The part where I get to rant and rave. Go back and read Kisha’s article, please. You’ll feel better.