More lovelies for my pals

We dashed out of town for an overnight trip to McCall to work on the sprinkler system. Wellllll, truth betold, I just kept the sprinkler repairman good company. In my infinite wisdom I also rewarded Mr. Sprinkler Repairman with a kitchen pass to go fishing while we were in McCall. Of course, he insisted the trip to the fishing hole was for the benefit of the pupster, afterall, he needs lots of exercise.

So note the incredible abundance of Xerophyllum tenax, or bear grass, which looks like a giant Q tip. I haven’t seen a stand like this in years!

And can someone please help me identify what looks like a wild lavatera? Roadside, near the Old Finn Church at Donnelley.

And those three little brook trout? Dinner that evening. We could have easily had a dozen.