more homework

OK, so now you know about the hot tub, the stones steps and the seeds. There are a couple more items on the list.

~I have two trees to be picked up at a local nursery. They have been sitting there for two seasons. TWO. A multi-trunked Canada Red chokecherry and a stewartia. See, the Canada red was to replace the Capitol pear in the front garden by the living room window. But someone has to chop the pear down, clean out the stump and roots and it ain’t gonna be me. If I did it someone would get hurt. (I once backed over my own car which is a whole ‘nother story, that I will save for a slow day). So, gentle reader, I am beholdin’ to the same guy who is flabbergasted about the hot tub bargain. And it ain’t pretty.

~I can probably wrestle the stewartia into the car and into place.

~I really want to build a combo art studio/hangout + shed for the mower + lean-to greenhouse. I have been saving pictures and ideas for 10 years. Around the studio/hangout/shed/greenhouse I want to put kickbutt raised beds for the world’s coolest looking and funky and colorful kitchen garden. Maybe I could do this while someone is directing the crane for the stone steps. Yessiree bob, multi-tasking!

~I may have neglected to tell you that I can only get one car in the garage. It’s been that way for about 8 years. SomeBODY needs to do something about this.

You KNOW what they say: There is NO rest for the wicked.