More help from friends

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a blogger is connecting with other folks with similar interests, more talent, in different parts of the world………and never getting out of your PJ’s or leaving your desk while doing said “connecting.”

Since I am absolutely gaga over CSA’s, and I just discovered this blog, Vegetables for Breakfast,, who is writing from Washington DC, whose vegetables are delivered from West Virginia. And so you know what a tangled web we weave, I found my way to Vegetables for Breakfast by going through the list of favorite blogs on another site, Flatbush Gardener. I learned of Flatbush because they were kind enough to post a comment on this site. Can you stand it?

It’s moments like this when our connectedness makes me think our collective voices may actually be able to move the entire nation toward good things… vegetables for breakfast……….and away from cornfield by products, mad cow and e-coli.

And we can probably all trace our original contact back to Cold Climate Gardening, shivering to bits in upstate NY.