More from beauteous Bozeman

We went to Bozeman so I could meet the indefatigable Doc. We met there because it is about halfway between her place in ND and my place in Idaho. Long butt tiring drive no matter how you look at it, but I had a blast. I sweetened the deal w/Flyboy by offering to let him fish anywhere anytime on the way. He got lucky at Henry’s Fork. With the fish. Shame on you.

Here’s the rest of the slide show of my adventures in Bozeman. We did the Quilts on the Lawn (and in the Ballroom) and then made our way out to Quilts in the Country, the shop of Jane, the gal who helps put on Quilts on the Lawn. Here’s the cool stuff we found at Quilts in the Country. Oh, and there just happened to be a garden there. And a 100 year old willow tree giving shade for a talk on “THE HISTORY OF APRONS.”

Just so ya know, I have no idea why that little thing about Green Day shows up in the corner and let me apologize now for the ad type junk at the bottom of the slide show.