Moose on the Loose and Mr. Green Beans

When I was up in Sun Valley last month for the garden tour, we chanced on a guest visitor in the ‘hood. Tall, dark and handsome, quite lanky, just getting all gussied up in velvet………..a young male moose. Apparently, he is a repeat visitor and has made the local gardens his personal smorgasboard. I still grin every time I think about him just strolling along the side street. Wish I had a picture to share…..we were in the car and the tour traffic made it slow going so we couldn’t catch up with him.

Will post some garden tour photos later today or in the morning.

And if you don’t know Ed, you just don’t know diddly. Ed Bruske, over at the Slow Cook, is a force of nature. OK, I made that up, but I would so like to meet him and eat with him and garden with him. He gardens as enthusiastically as he cooks. And the man is all about helping kids learn to garden AND to eat. If I still lived near DC, I would visit him a lot.

Anyway, to the story at hand. Back in June, Ed posted a recipe of his that was previously published in the Washington Post and

    Best American Recipes of 2005-2006

.I have been waiting for fresh bean season since I first knew of Ed’s recipe. He made me wait for the recipe until it was perfect bean season. Finally, it’s here. And, I just happened to have a pound of fresh garden green beans on hand (from my fabulous CSA subscription). And a few pieces of fat, smoky pepper bacon. Oh, and it’s Walla Walla onion season here as well – I had a 1 and a half pound beauty at the ready. Then there was the can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted chunky tomatoes. And now for dinner we are having Ed’s Divine Three Hour Beans. My gawd, they are heaven in a pot, on your fork and in the mouth. Serving all this with some roasted and peeled beets, drizzled with sherry vinegar and oil and some fresh huge red ripe tomatoes and mozzarella, again napped with oil and vinegar, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and dark opal basil.

It’s still so hot here I am beside myself. 94 at this very moment at 8pm. Fires are so bad folks can’t get into Yellow Pine for the annual Harmonica Festival. Yesterday and the day before some of the small mountain towns near here had purple and maroon air alerts. So friends and neighbors: put on a gas mask or stay in.