Making up for lost time and the Tinsley House & Museum in Bozeman

OK, I owe you posts for Gardening 365 – Days 162, 163, and 164. I was on the road traveling to Montana and North Dakota. I stopped in to check on the Tinsley House in Bozeman, you may recall, I was dazzled by it last August when it was in its glory. It’s just starting to show signs of life, be it the middle of June, but, hey, that’s what our weather has offered up. Here’s a peak from the second story window:

On the return trip, I notice the lilacs are still in full bloom as we left West Yellowstone and eastern Idaho. At Island Park, the roadside streams were swollen and full of camas and Wyethia (white Mule’s ears).

Nostalgia was the order of the day in Lefor, ND. For the first time in many many years, I saw a garden where all the tomato plants were protected by what appeared to be old rusted tomato juice cans. The metal lids were tipped open. My guide and scout, TG, said, “you’ve gotta do something to protect them from the hail.”

We scouted his family ranch for the rhubarb plants he remembered as a kid. They were there, surrounded by the shelter belt and the dame’s rocket. We even found one leaf stalk that was red ripe and ready.

Big hoppers in the Dakotas

Our motto for the weekend: Let ‘er buck!