Making a cornhusk wreath

For an almost, all natural, corn husk wreath, celebrating the bounty of the season. You will need:

A package of clean husks (if you didn’t save some from shucking the corn earlier, get a package in the Hispanic food section of your grocery store: less than $5)

one 9 inch straw wreath, or a foam one will work, too.

one glue gun w/a dozen or so glue sticks

a few berries ( I had nandina berries in the garden)

Optional: a dried sunflower head

a bit of twine or wire to make the hanger

I soaked the husks, a couple dozen or more, for about a half hour. Just long enough to soften them so I could unwrap them and lay them flat out on the kitchen counter to dry a bit.

Create a loop with the twine or wire, wrap around the wreath so it can be hung later.

With the hot glue gun, put a dob of glue on the wreath where you will position the first husk. I started with the “thin and pointy” end of the husk since these ends were easy to put in place. Have some quilt pins handy, and a wooden spoon. The glue is HOT, so use care when handling it, especially when pressing a husk into place (hold it with the spoon or pin in position). Keep wrapping till you’ve covered the wreath form. Then , go back around the wreath, filling in with more husks, this time with affixing the wide end of the husk to the center of the wreath. Fill and tuck and glue more pieces of husk in place until you get the fullness you want. You can tear individual husks for a “less perfect” look.

At this point you can adorn the wreath with nuts and acorns. I happened to have a sunflower at hand that had been dried. It fit perfectly into the center. Trust me, this was not planned. I added some nandina berries, but anything you have on hand will do. Cranberries would be fine. Dried pods. Anything seasonal. Affix all nuts, pods, bits with little drops of glue.