Made in Idaho

Hey all.

When I was looking something up today, I came across this faboo website of Preferred Idaho vendors. Vendors of all kinds of great stuff: vegetables, eggs, herbs, dairy products, xeric plants, bakery items, trout, meats, wine, vodka (eureka!!!), berries, big fruits, jams, syrups, pancake batters, lentils, peas, barbecued food, honey, mustards and on and on and on. So, I am thinking about trying very hard to eat locally. More locally. Chocolate doesn’t grow on trees, not here anyway, and that can be a major obstacle. Coffee is an issue. Tea is an issue. I buy my exotic herbs, salt and pepper from the co-op.

Anyway, look the list over, check it twice, and think about buying locally for Christmas this year. Give a loaf of locally baked bread and a bottle of wine. Someone will love you for it.