List Friday: 4ths of July

Actually, one of my favorite 4th’s wasn’t the Fourth at all, but the third, July 3rd, 1990, Idaho’s Centennial Celebration. We all gathered in the stadium, were all handed red plastic candle torches, and on que, lit them, to “Here We Have Idaho,” and then kaboom! The centennial committee had hired a famous fireworks firm from NYC to put on the show. It was spectacular.

Another favorite: sitting on the lawn in Yachats, OR watching the fireworks display over the little inlet. All the cousins and family were gathered for a family reunion, we had little ones in awe of the sparklies and big booms, grown ups nostalgic for years past, middles just diggin the scene.

And sometimes, just a quiet little weenie roast will do. I can see the fireworks at the fairgrounds from my deck. And sit here and watch them from a distance.

That will probably be the scene this year. Peace and quiet.