List Friday: 10 reasons why you love to live where you live

This is so easy!

  • I am an Idaho native and LOVE LOVE LOVE saying that! In fact, I can’t imagine having an Oregon or Washington or Texas or any other address.
  • The incredible, natural beauty of the place: wild rivers, skyscraping mountains, desert, ddddeeeeeep canyons, crazy rock formations, pine trees. (That’s actually 6 items, but I am on a roll).
  • Goofy, four season weather: swings in temperatures of 40-50 degrees in one day. Keeps you on your toes.
  • I am surrounded by friends and family. In that order.
  • Very little humidity.
  • Blue, blue, blue sky. I once lived on the east coast and some days you couldn’t tell iif there was a horizon/sky/sun because the haze and humidity were so bad. Yuk-o-rama.
  • My greatgrandparents homesteaded in north Idaho over 100 years ago…….I love that bit of history.
  • The Palouse Prairie. Until you’ve seen it, you haven’t lived. Amber waves of grain for miles and miles.
  • Payette Lake, Redfish Lake, Pend O’reille, Lake Coeur d’Alene, Priest Lake, the St. Joe, the Clearwater, and the Lochsa.
  • An independent “westering” can-do kind of spirit is part of Idaho. No whiners, thank you.