Letter to my gardening friends

Friends. Pals. Anyone out there?

I give up. No, not forever. But for the season. Can’t take it anymore. Not another minute.

The Pretty Much Picasso petunias are completely faded and have almost quite blooming. The dahlias were DOA. Dead on my arrival (I was in Chicago for 5 days). Beans are barely producing. Strawberries and raspberries have come to a screeching halt and the tomatoes never did get up and running. The Sungold tomato, um, someone forgot to water IT in my absence. You know about the hoppers and weevils? Well, as if they aren’t bad enough, we’ll add 4 downdrafts to that, peaking at 70 knots. Believe it or knot, that is 80.6 miles per hour. It knocked over my two tallest tomato plants and broke one in half. It broke one branch of my new 5 foot tall ‘Twisty Baby’ honey locust off at the soil. Enough already.

One man died when a tree fell on him.
My darling niece’s wedding reception was cut very short by the power outage from the storm.

I will now turn my focus to ordering bulbs for 2011.

Dee and Carol, I hope your gardens have fared better than mine.

Ta ta,
One pathetic caretaker at Ranch du Bois

Gardening 365 – Day 237 and a pathetic one it is.