Let’s Review

Some of the more obsessed garden bloggers have spent part of today plurking each other back and forth with a running commentary on their gardens: what they like, what they love, what they want to accomplish, what has to go. Elizabeth from Buffalo shared her wonderful historic brick home, courtyard and woodland plantings. Cindy of Houston showed us her Texas size corner lot, lovely gardens and patio spaces – in spite of being nailed by Hurricane Ike a few weeks ago.

I promised I would share, too, so here’s the last blast of the season:

So, since the photos are big, they are still over on the Picasa page, clickety on over here to have a look see: (by clicking on the photo you will be able to see the others in the album).

October storm and landscape

Thanks to EAL of Gardening While Intoxicated and Cind from MyCorner of Katy for playing along.