Let them eat cake

At the risk of pissing off the Tea Party, I say, let them eat cake. Did you see this article about the great political minds in Georgia and their trip back to the days of Jim Crow? Check it out.

A few years back, when the Idaho legislature was in a snit about undocumented workers and immigration, those very same workers skipped right over the valley and went to friendlier fields. As a result, several farmers/fruit growers had a few hundred thousand dollars worth of apples rotting on the ground in the orchards.

Great book to read, about greed in agribusiness: TOMATOLAND, by Barry Estabrook. Oh, yeah, Barry wrote the aforementioned article. I have a copy and will publish a review here in a couple of days. Review to come. Poignant, scary sentence: “the people who put the food on our tables can’t afford to feed themselves.”

And if one more dumbass politician tells me, “yes, but we have to pay for the services these illegals use up!”, I’ll tell them, “Really? The reports I’ve read indicate undocumented workers can’t afford a day off and most of them are too freakin’ scared to go for medical help.” Now, show me the money. And the strawberries and the tomatoes and the apples and the …..chickens, and the eggs and the hogs/pork.

Cake will be what’s left. Oh wait. NO! Cost of flour going up by 50% or more since the weather interfered with planting of the wheat crop.

I offer this solution: lay in a nice supply of flour from Costco’s big bag aisle. Grow your own tomatoes. Stop demanding tomatoes in December and thinking strawberries are hot stuff and the bees knees in February. If you don’t buy them, they won’t grow them.