Let it snow

Since I am not stuck in Denver, just cheerfully stuck in the kitchen, I say, let it snow! We have over two inches of the white stuff and it looks like Christmas. Boise’s track record is just one in four for a white Christmas, and in the 25 Christmases I have spent here, I would say its more like one in five or less. But, hey, who am I to argue with the weatherman?

Still have the wrapping to take care of. And the roasts to go in on Christmas afternoon. No one can get in the guest room and I consider that a good thing. I WAS thinking of cleaning it up so you could walk through it and decided against it. 🙂

The two amaryllis I have will not be blooming on cue, in fact, I think they are a couple of weeks out. And that means I have something to look forward to in January. One is sort of lime green and the other one kind of spidery. Photos when the glory unfolds.