Leavin on a jet plane….

I try really hard not to come undone over garden tours. But, I tell you, I have another program up my sleeve this week and I am gettin all frothed up about it. I have my camera, my memory cards, packing extra batteries, notepad and pens, yadayadayada.

I had the incredible good fortune to attend the Garden Conservancy’s Fresh Design program in April, in San Francisco. This coming weekend, is the fourth part of the series, Fresh Design in Los Angeles. I particularly like the course description: “In the past, Californian gardens were heavily influenced by East Coast and European models……the forces of tectonic geology, unpredictable weather, environmental concerns and a burgeoning population have rendered these imitations almost obsolete.” These are the issues that face most gardeners and garden designers today.

Yo! Tectonic geology? Oh, maybe I don’t get to rock and roll as much as California, but geology definitely rules the gardens of the western US. Unpredictable weather. Puhleeeeez. We can have 45 degree swings in one day. Environmental concerns? Everybody SHOULD have them. Regarding population, I believe Idaho is the second or third fastest growing state in the Union. While my first inclination is to run and hide, I think it best to be educated and knowledgeable and up to the task of creating sustainable and beautiful gardens and landscapes.
One of my all time favorite designers is presenting, and co-sponsoring the program: Nancy Goslee Power. I remember the first time I saw one of her garden designs, on the cover of Garden Design magazine, about 10 years ago. I fell in love with her work and have admired her gardens ever since.

I am also a huge fan of Joseph Marek’s work. He’s giving a talk at the seminar as well. The cousins and I, well, we invited ourselves to stay and cook dinner and serve margaritas in his Joseph’s back yard after seeing it on the Conservancy’s Open Days tour. To our dismay, he didn’t take us up on our offer.

And Judy Kameon – I have been following her design work through all the shelter magazines, and particularly in Garden Design. Love her stuff, too.

Tomorrow in LA, a little retail therapy/shoe shopping @ Nordstrom, Anthropologie, etc.

Party on.

More later.