Last ditch effort for planting tulips or how late is too late to plant tulip bulbs?

Dear Reader,

I have said time and again I would get every last one of my bulbs in the ground. I lied. Forty-six are in fiber pots as of four days ago. Make a note, February 2. I had a bag of 50 Perestroyka tulips that didn’t get in last fall. Then, the ground froze. And while that is a lovely thing, frozen soil, in terms of killing off earwigs, and other little nasties, well, it is not a good thing when it’s time to scramble and get the last of the bulbs in the ground.

Even the bags of potting soil were frozen. But the husband managed to get enough soil into the pots, I got the bulbs tucked in, covered up, a big drink of water, and let’s see what happens. The bulbs themselves were in nice shape -save for the 4 that had some mold on them and they got thrown out – firm, little shoots starting out, about a quarter inch. No green showing. So, we shall see.

Now, if all goes well and these come up, I can pop the fiber pots into my decorative pottery urns on the front porch and look like a gardening genius later this spring. Or, whatever plan B is.

At garden club yesterday, the members were a-twitter about the warm afternoon we had on Sunday. Yeah, not everyone was glued to the tube for the game. With the ground still frozen on top, the sun on our backs or warming our happy little faces, we were out there removing the detritus from the daylily clumps and the nasty asters and and and………Layle, a garden club pal, reported that in one day, after the cleanup, the lilies had grown another inch.

Hope springs eternal in the gardeners’ hearts.