Just say no to water saving crystals or hydrogels

This week I asked a question of the Garden Writers Association, “What do you know about Soil Sorb? Then I just sat back and waited for the action. Only a couple of folks knew about soil sorb, what I did get in abundance was information about hydrogels.

So far, Soil Sorb’s p.r. person assures me the product is a coconut hull/coir-based product with 5 other natural ingredients. While I am waiting to hear back re: what those “other” natural ingredients actually are, let’s touch on the the subject of hydrogels.

Basically, hydrogels also called polymers, or water saving crystals, are a big no no and if they aren’t they should be. Contrary to popular belief, they do not make the water they absorb available to the plants which need the water, and worst of all, when they decompose they become nasty little toxic, hazardous pollutants in the garden and on the planet. Can you say “ICKY Yuck!?”

The person most quoted and referenced is the Washington State extension educator and scientist, Linda Chalker-Scott. Here is the link to her myth-busting website……a great resource for every gardener.

So, now that I’ve sworn off hydrogels, and while I am waiting to hear back about Soil Sorb, I guess I’ll just have to go and play in the garden. Alright……..if I HAVE to………..

Did I tell you that although we are short 2 inches of rain, past the rainy season in Boise, and my soil is dry dry dry, it has warmed up to a lovely 66 degrees?