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Gardening 365 – Day 177

It was an eye opening trip to Utah this last weekend. We’ve got this garden + water thing all wrong. So wrong so wrong so wrong. I am still processing all that I learned and will share as soon as I can put my thoughts down/out/over the ‘net.

I’ve managed to convince the undergardener at Ranch du Bois we should replace a small area of turf w/purple thyme. I know, I am still sitting here in complete amazement. I think he thinks if he lets me have a thyme lawn he can get all the thyme out from between the cracks in the flagstone patio. Nevermind that I planted it there to get that certain “soft” look. He hates it. He’s always flipping up the edges of the thyme mats and looking at all the dead bits underneath and rolling his eyes. Ha. Like that makes me flinch. NOT.

Here’s what he has to look forward to: (sans the wooly which I can’t stand)