Jersey Girl, Lois

My gal pal, Lois DeVries, from New Jersey, sent me an e-mail today, introducing me to a couple new gardening friends, Carlo and Bob . I loved her introductions and am still giggling about what she had to say about me. Here is my rambling response and introduction (had to get even) for her:

Lois is my brilliant, smart-allecky Jersey girl. In a good year, I will get to sit next to her on the bus for an entire day. She has given thousands of hours in tireless community service to better her township and environs. I am in awe of her willingness to train, nurture and then give away seeing eye/medical companion dogs. She suffers from an addiction to gardens: big, small, any and all. She is a gifted, articulate author and has written a wonderful book about gardening and how it nurtures those who participate in this passion. (Note: still waiting for the manuscript). She travels but adores her home and garden. She loves good food, I can’t remember if she likes wine.

Does Carlo (Carlo Balistrieri, a fellow member of Garden Writers) have a dog???? If not, he should get one. And I wish he had an RSS feed on his blog so my reader would pick it up. Carlo, anyone with a picture of Lewisia rediviva on his website is good with me. I just spent 5 years helping to develop the new Lewis and Clark garden at the Idaho Botanical Garden. I hope to see your new gardens at Turtle Point someday.

Bob, I am insanely jealous of any one who has horses. And jumpers? I have never seen one in person but think they are exquisite. One of my very best friends in the whole world is named Bob Smith. In fact, my husband and I traveled to a football game in UT last week with our pal Bob-a-lou and his wife, RuthAnn. New Bob, you will love gardening.

Today is my new dog’s first birthday. I say “new dog” because we have had him only 6 months. His name is Cash, and his registered name is Cash is Good. His dad was Good Boy Bob. He is a Springer Spaniel, probably 90% hunting stock with a little bit of show dog for extra good looks. He has fetched 3 chukars (upland game birds) already and is torn between being a lap dog and a hunting dog. Before Cash, we had Lily, a black and white Springer. She lived 13 and a half years and was the apple of our eye.

And LoLo, what’s with this “antonym of conservative”? That cracked me up. You must be referring to my design style and the Pecos Purple guest bath – the one with the terra cotta ceiling and matching countertop.

My new motto is: “I told you so.”

And folks, when you see the weird comments over here on the right side, don’t click on them if they are in some foreign language or “in response to Defiant Gardens.” I am getting some very weird spam, I believe from Russia, they all end with .ru. If anyone knows how to get Askimet to catch this in the spam filter………please tell me.