It’s official

Today I am grateful for……………….air conditioning and lots of it. I don’t even care about my carbon footprint when it comes to air conditioning. And don’t even THINK about scolding me or I will grab you by the hair and sit you out in the sun in my back yard.

Rick Lantz, Mr. Weather Pants, reports that we just experienced the hottest flippin July in 150 years. I am personally making reservations for a beach house on the Oregon coast for next year. Here’s the plan: Just drop off the key, Lee,and set yourself FREE! Enough Paul Simon. A gaggle of us were together on Saturday night and decided to pool our resources to rent a place on the coast next year. I can’t take this anymore. I will do my best to get everything on a timed drip system for next year, and what doesn’t get watered or survive, well, so be it. If I wanted to live where it is 100 degrees all month, I would move to Arizona.

My poor garden is pathetic. The plants look like they are staggering/leaning/trying to stay upright. The delosperma loves it, just banging away in full hot pink blooms. The liatrus is ok. Ornamental grasses are blooming already, in spite of the fact we cut them back a second time over Memorial Day.

I have been thinking about shade trees. And my water bill. Thinking about whether or not I might want to plant a nice liriodendron, or Tulip Tree. Nice big shade tree…….long lived. I have a great view of the city, but I may sacrifice part of it for awhile to get some shade trees established. Time to check in with the arborist girls. See what they recommend.