it’s a wrap

Last night at 5pm Mountain Daylight Time we wrapped up the 2007 Boise Flower and Garden Show. Amen. Adios. Ciao.

I am taking a break from show design for the next year. Not that I was asked to do next year’s garden design, I just already know I need a hiatus. I worry enough as it is, and this year, the little appendectomy didn’t make me one bit calmer. Did I tell you the order from the wholesaler was almost completely devoid of blooming color? Either I didn’t know what to order or the codes were off.

So I don’t become a complete nuisance to the ‘hood, here is how I plan to spend my free time:

Scouting for cool gardens in the style of the Wild West.

Planting a kick butt garden for my household (would love to be able to provide a huge chunk of our annual produce needs).

Spending time hanging at the house.

Maybe a little Oregon Coast time.

I want to stop by and see Apifera Farms in Oregon, check out an art gallery in Salem, goof off.

Eating more picnics.

Reading more books. I generated a whole new list today after reading the recommendations in the latest issue of Horticulture. All about obsessed garden fools.

Getting my blog into riproaring order.

Preparing for my part in the Garden Blogging panel at the annual Garden Writers’ Symposium in Oklahoma City in September.

And I hope to have a new Springer puppy this summer.

If you get a chance to hear Maureen ‘Mo’ Gilmer speak at a garden show, don’t miss it. I absolutely loved her presentation at the Boise show on Saturday, ‘Gardens of the Old West.’ It was heirloom gardening, history, fab photography, horticultural info all rolled into one great package. Loved it.