It’s a sunny crystal clear day in Boise

…not what you all in the middle of the country want to hear. Sorry. But we were fogged in here with a nasty inversion for the better part of the last two weeks. Our turn in the sun. Sorry about the ice storm, Indy. And Dee and Cindy, I know you did nothing to deserve temperatures in the teens. Barb, you don’t need to be out in the snow with that broken foot so stay tucked in.

What does a gardener do to stay entertained whilst the ground is frozen? Before the buds bud? Well, I have been cleaning my bookshelves and organizing my gardening books. I’ve potted up my amaryllis so I have something that will be blooming later this month. And into March. I buy more gardening books. No, hell no, I don’t need them. But there’s the new James Van Sweden book that came today: The Artful Garden. Be still my heart! I’ve adored the gardens of James van Sweden forever. There are a couple of scary looking “tomes” such as Restoring American Gardens (Denise Wiles Adams/Timber Press), Landscape and Memoryby Simon Schama, and the beloved classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which I took the liberty of ordering up from the library in large print. Do NOT give me grief about the large print.

I am working diligently on my presentation for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show: “Pioneering Garden Techniques-Why Heirloom Gardens Still Work Today.” In order to do this as promised, I simply MUST read three Willa Cather novels – O’Pioneers, Song of the Lark, and My Antonia – simply must. If you miss me in Seattle, I’ll be offering the same presentation in Denver and Boise, in March. Let me say this, I can barely wait until it’s time to go to Seattle. It’s not Hawaii, but its as close as I get in the middle of winter. My respite from the brown/gray landscape of the Boise foothills.

Seeds? Yes, I am perusing seed catalogs and making my lists.

Is anything showing signs of life here at Ranch du Bois? Well, yes. Yesterday I discovered the pointy little heads of some iris reticulata in the border by the front door. I’ll spare us both the indignity of ME getting on the ground to photograph them.

Oh, and then there’s the Botanical Illustration class I am taking on Saturday. I am baring my soul here. Be nice. It’s a daffodil bulb, you silly.