it was a dark and stormy day

Don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against a dark and stormy: day, night…….. or the cocktail which originated in Bermuda . And since I have ESP and know you have a need to know: 2 oz. Gosling’s Black Seal rum + 3 oz. ginger beer + a wedgie of lime over ice in a highball glass.

I love stormy days. I love the snow. But I needed a little shot in the arm – gardener’s arm, that is. Next thing I know I have promised my trusty and loyal Springer sidekick a little teeny road trip. Just a mile or two down the road. (A dog will go anywhere with you and shopping for plants is no exception. The husband, well, he wouldn’t have JUMPED at the chance like the dog did. The dog was thrilled to be included. Excellent response on his part.) Yeah, baby, it’s good to get out.

And there I was. Standing in the greenhouse. Marveling at growing things. Listening to music and the laughter of the garden gals at Edwards. Garnette and Anju were at their desks wading through boxes and boxes of seeds and lists of plants for your 2008 growing pleasure. Kathleen, Wendy, Carolla and Gail walked around with me. There were a couple of Provence and Grosso lavenders in bloom and I couldn’t stop myself. I am a tactile person. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, drag your hand over that gray foliage. Yes! I say YES!!!! Smell those hyacinths. Admire the narcissus from a distance. Love those darling pansies and their happy faces.

We told tall tales and shared plans for our gardens and kept each other company on a dark afternoon lovin every minute of it.

I beseech you fellow gardener, get thee to a greenhouse.