It is a dark and stormy night

This has been a most splendid day at the Newcomer house. I woke to 20 mile an hour winds and the giant reed grass, arundo donax, beating the daylights out of my bedroom window screen. The giant flag at the Simplot mansion was sticking straight out, flapping away to the west. The flag is about 15 x 30 and a half mile away as the crow flies. When the conditions are just right I can actually hear the thing flapping. Imagine the racket if you are living in the ‘hood just below the flag. Anyway, it has to be pretty darn windy to make it go horizontal.

Sooooooo, the said wind made all the leaves go flying. The sky has been dark and cloudy and menacing all day. About 3 pm, we had a snow flurry. Yippee skippee!

Well, I said, in that case, I better put on my domestic goddess/love slave apron and get to cooking up a storm. The cute husband has been outside in the rain and sleet and snow and cold, laying big sandstone slabs for a new walkway/garden area. One tough hombre, out there in the elements. One domestic goddess working away in the kitchen. The dog spent the afternoon running between the two of us to see who was more fun. Husband and dirt won. Then I saw the muddy paws. And the floor. And the rug. Uh-oh.

At sundown I just happened to glance up from my pots and pans and noticed the whole world outside was pink. Pink! Reflected sunset on the clouds, black stormy sky, snow on the Owyhees (30 miles away and stunning) and it was all good. I tried to photograph it for you but the pics weren’t so hot.

I thought of you, my friends, and sent you warmth and kindness and happiness.

It’s just 7 pm. I have a big pot full of Emeril’s Smothered pork chops and onions and potatoes. I substituted Idaho chorizo for the andouille he calls for in the recipe. I will skip the part about serving it over rice. Just happened to bake some enormous chunks of Hubbard squash, some for the pup, and some for us. Oh, and a delish sour cream apple pie with streusel topping. One of the apples came from my espalier. For the wicked, I just happened to find some of the new Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee’ ice cream. To go with the pie. Gilding the lily, I know.

Weather is beautiful, wish you were here.