Burning Bush vs Viburnum Korean Spice

Third in my series of better plant choices, or “innstead of that, plant THIS!”

Instead of the ubiquitous burning bush, Euonymus alata, plant Viburnum carlesii, a multi-faceted workhorse for the garden. From the minute the flower buds appear, to the moment the last berry is eaten, this shrub earns its keep in any garden. Commonly called Koreanspice viburnum, it should be planted where you will be sure to catch its heady vanilla fragrance in April and May. Dense clusters of pretty little pink flowers will fade away and be replaced by dense, rich green foliage for the summer months. Come autumn, vibrant red and burgundy leaves steal the show, and red (maturing to black) berries provide a feast for the birds. An excellent choice for fire wise plantings. 4-6 feet tall x 4-6 wide, z 5-8, Full sun/p shade. Drought tolerant once established.

Monrovia file photo

Fragrant? OH MY YES! (Monrovia file photo)

Oh, and you said you want fall color, too? How about berries? Can do!

Tomorrow: instead of that ratty ground hugging phlox. Ick.