Instead of forsythia…plant this:

In my continuing quest for better plants/better gardens (for myself -you can plant whatEVER you like) I have come to positively LOVE LOVE LOVE ribes aureum, or golden currant bush. Native to many parts of the US, this plant has so much going for it. Let me list the attributes:

  1. lime green foliage that appears in spring
  2. sulfur yellow/bright flowers that sing to the bees
  3. rich green foliage throughout the growing season
  4. a very nice shape, easily trimmed to a hedge if you are so weirdly inclined
  5. berries that go from pale green, to gold, to orange, to red and if there are any remaining after the birds party down
  6. the berries-should you get any for yourself- are delish
  7. gorgeous fall foliage: hot pink/red/orange