In the garden at home….at last

My beautiful autumn garden, how I love it so. I even spent a couple hours out there, planting, cleaning up a bit, admiring most of all……the plants and the light of fall. Now this is the same light, that when it comes into the house at a low angle, shows all the hideous finger prints on the kitchen cabinets, the dog hair in fluffs on the floor, crumbs on the counters……….well, all that yuck stuff. But in the garden, the warm light of autumn makes golds golder, bronzes bronzer, purples magical, blues so blue….

Am sharing some of this bounty with you reader. Enjoy.

My view from the kitchen sink, miscanthus Gracillimus, Owyhee mountains 30 miles away, slightly smoky skies….

Red ripe apples on the espalier!

Rose quartz rocks control water flow on the fountain.

Kniphofia hiding in the Joe Pye weed, I almost missed it…

The long view of the wildlands!

Happy go lucky rudbeckia…

Another view of the Lily Pond

Purple thingamabob in the purple garden

Sunset over the Boise foothills

Thanks for joining me.