In over my head…….

>hotel furnishing in Bulgarialieve I told you I need to start attending a 12 step program for plant addicts.

I’ve done it again. After snapping up those cute Little Lanterns columbines, I went back and bought some lovely epimedium rubrum (3), my first ever, and no, I hadn’t finished planting the columbines. And NO, the High Country Garden order isn’t in the ground yet either. And YES, there is a so-called holding area where some plants go and die and others wither for a long time. Can I help it if I got a flat of echinacea ‘Sundown’ last October, $2 per plant, normally $8? OK, so only half survived and that makes them $4 each and I still consider that a bargain.

If I could just get that new bed dug and the retaining wall in……………….I know JUST where I want to plant them all…………

I told myself tonight I am soooooooooo far ahead of the game. It is just the 9th of May, some stuff is already in the ground! Usually I am scrambling to finish up by Memorial Day. I have 17 days left.