In like a lion…

I have been negligent in updating the website. Still haven’t figured out how to get the new spring header up and running. Will master that this week.

Considering it is just the 11th of March and still freezing cold outside, my gardening life is already crazy crazy. Dear Reader, next time I tell you that I am going to work on a display garden for a garden show, please lock me in a room and throw away the key. You can feel free to lecture me through the door about the stress, anxiety, and frantic worry that accompanies said project. Good grief.

I spent hours at my desk this week going over the plant lists, the number of plants, the color of the plants, the pots, the props, the plants, again, and again. Then, I jumped in the car and headed out to the nurseries to see what I might be able to scare up if all my calculations or the weather or the transportation gods fail me. The truck from Arizona is already going to be two weeks later than expected. Egad (my grandmother’s only scary word.) This is starting to feel like Mrs. Toad’s Wild Ride. Hey, that could be the name of next year’s theme garden. no-no-no-no. Don’t start thinking like that. Stop it now.

We have figured out the furniture (kind of), picked the stucco colors (still need to nail the trim color), selected the pottery ( and decided two days ago we need 4 more pots), found a chandelier only to learn it was unavailable, and so on. Definitely a work in progress.

And now the garden clients are calling. Made three house calls in the last 10 days. Lots of projects lined up for spring. Renovating a garden in the foothills; ditto one on the New York Canal; checking out the progress of a townhouse garden installed last season; and, retrofitting a deck for greater livability.

And did I mention the display garden? Check out The wine and jazz nights are awesome. Come one, come all.
When the Garden Show is over here, a little carrot is at the end of the stick: a weekend in San Francisco with the Garden Conservancy and Pacific Horticulture studying Fresh Design. The program consists of one day of lectures and one day of visiting gardens designed by top notch garden designers and landscape architects. All are focusing on designing the garden to complement the architecture of the home. Meeting a couple of friends there and already have dinner reservations for the Slanted Door.