IGC Show, Chicago: Speak up!

Friends and neighbors, I want to invite you to a spectacle worth beholding. I will be speaking at the Independent Garden Center show and conference at the Navy Pier, August 18th, 3:15 pm. And do I have some hot topics!

ECO CHIC GREEN TRENDS: What does that fickle customer REALLY want? A look at the five hot button issues and opportunities for garden centers in the American West and Midwestern states. Compost as pay dirt, Goldilocks and the water issue, the land of fruit and nuts, going native (or not) and make me look good now.

1. Goldilocks and water: too much, not enough and getting it JUST right.
2. Pay Dirt: organic compost. Bring on the barrels, bins, tools, books, classes, bags and bulk
3. Fruit and Nuts are everywhere: designing fruit, vegetables and herbs into the decorative landscape.
4. Going native isn’t pretty (enough). When it comes to native plants, you are going to have to create a demand and make them look as pretty as the English landscape standard.
5. I want to look good NOW! Portable, custom, greenhouse grown container plantings in fiber pots. Fluffy, full, colorful, lush containers for takeout. Plant them, they will sell.

SURVEY SAYS!! I’ve had my ear to the ground for months – interviewing nurseries around the west, getting their input for this presentation. I’ve also interviewed a whole lotta gardeners, new and experienced alike, asking them what they want from their local nurseries. It’s an interesting story, and I am looking forward to telling it.