if it’s not one thing, its another…….an appendectomy

I thought it was kind of funny last year when two days before the flower and garden show, the 1200 tulips refused to open on cue because of bad weather and low light. Well, that doesn’t even begin to tell you how non-funny my weekend was.

I couldn’t stay awake on Saturday. We drove to Baker City and back to see some springer spaniels that might be having a litter of pups later this spring. Came home, had to nap. Went to friends for big corned beef outdoor dinner. Halfway through the dinner I had to go in and sit away from everyone. Then had to go home. Next, writhing around on the bed thinking I had a bad bad bad case of indegestion. Blaming it on the fast food in Baker.

Husband Googled symptoms and announced I had appendicitis. I threw up, off to the ER and sure as fire I am diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Emergency surgery, some wonderful class II narcotics via my drip system and I was home in 22 hours.

Posting may be intermittent this week. I am not as spunky as I thought I’d be.