If I were doing a TV show———–

It would be a cross between Iron Chef and The Apprentice.

Here’s how the week is shaping up:

Sunday, said good bye to angry appendix.

Monday, 5 pm, discover there will be no tulips for the show garden. Local crop not ready yet. Didn’t order in from Oregon because above all, wanted to buy local.

Tuesday, 5pm, lobby of the Convention Center, am told there will be no PJM rhodies for the Asian garden. They weren’t ready. Even in Oregon – they weren’t ready.

So here’s what we are working with: wonderful sets created and built by the set building team from the Shakespeare Company. Always better and more artistic than I could have ever imagined. Wait til you see the Mediterranean stair case!

There is a swarm of busy bees waiting in the wings today to get on site and to start planting up all the containers. Let’s hope the 32 flats of plant material that DID arrive from Oregon looks good.

What we have here is some great talent, surprise ingredients, several unknowns (count on it, it’s just Wednesday) all coming together to create a magical indoor garden show.