Idaho weather, ready or not

Once again I am dazzled at the range of weather that can occur here in Paradise. On Wednesday, it was 92. Today, all of 63 degrees and snow at higher elevations. Smoke is gone. Red flag alerts, over. Long underwear, out and in use. Wool socks, on. Blankets back on the bed. I do believe summer is finally over and not a minute to soon for me.
Time to clean up the garden. Yesterday, the leaning tower of Pear tree came down (via hand saw) in front of the house. I was concerned it would look really nekkid but it looks just fine. Now to get an ax so I can divide and conquer the Little Bunny pennisetums that were crowding the same bed.

My thanks to Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening in New York for her unwavering support over the last week as she taught me to load up new themes on my blog.  I had ‘retroflowers’ but the spacing was odd.  So, just this afternoon, I tried a new one.  And Kathy, it worked!  You are the best.

Now if I can just figure out how to get all my sidebars back.