I spy with my little eye

So today, I am recovering from the Boise Flower and Garden Show, driving around town, returning props, paying bills, goofing off, and decided to start a list of all the spring flowers I saw today.

Tulip pulchella violacea or Persian Pearl, a tiny little species tulip (in MY garden)

Hellebores (and I think the little tulips would be perfect under these hellebores at the front door…..just remind me that I wanted to plant them come September)

Forsythia. Ubiquitous and such a screaming yellow.

Chionodoxa also called Glory of the Snow. Itsy bitsy but in such a lovely blue. Betsy, take notes.

Daffodils. Sprouting up everywhere.

Magnolia stellata.

Apricot. My neighbors’.

Cornus mas (or cornelian cherry dogwood……lime green…….LJ’s house)

Euphorbia myrsinites or donkey tail spurge. Lime green everywhere.

White, pink and tiny violet violets. Oh, the fragrance!