I lied/Sylvia

Sheeeeesh. Just had a moment when I realized I didn’t tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but. In the entry about too much time away from home, I said I was here in May. Wrong again, daisy breath. I was off galavanting with my garden chums in the City of Angels during their Open Days program. Bad MA. Bad Bad MA.

It kind of cracked me up that I can’t remember where the hell I have been. Then I remembered a comic strip I adore: Sylvia by Nicole Hollander. Of course, the Idaho Statesman can’t run anything as racey as Sylvia, so I have to surreptitiously go to her comics website to see the latest installation. One of my favorites of all time was the one titled: “The woman who lies in her journal.” That would be me but instead of a journal it’s on my blog. For the whole world (alright, all 10 of you) to read.

OK, let me make it up to you. Here are some photos, a little LA garden eye candy, if you will: