I have crossed over to the light side

No kidding. I have been in a major funk for days. Maybe even months. OK, since the dog passed away on April 29th. I have never missed anyone so much. For a 50 pounder, she sure packed a lot of happiness, vitality and charm into our lives every single day. Maybe its because we were solely responsible for her well-being and we took it as seriously as most folks take raising their children. We doted on her. Listened to her breathe. Listened to her snore. Watched her feet kick as she chased rabbits in her sleep.

I am always grateful when the winter solstice has come and gone. I don’t want to wish away a single day of my life. And, I don’t really mind winter – I love to hibernate. But I am not a fan of dark days. Not at all. No siree bob.

Ah, but for the quiet time of contemplation winter and bad weather can bring. I spent time today reading, well, actually, looking at one of my presents, Mrs. Booth’s Garden. A photo essay of a real Ms. Booth and her garden and family in Mississippi. Charming. Thank you D-Ray for the wonderful gift.

The biggie present was the CanoScan4400F, also from the husband. A scanner specifically for reviewing and copying the hundreds of slides I have. At least reviewing them. Can’t wait to see my slides of Italy from 1988. Jeeeez, just 19 years ago. Innocents Abroad. I am sure there was a cheaper alternative to a new scanner, but if it does the trick, then so be it. It was a gift!