How to plant spring bulbs…for a knock- down-drag-out gorgeous effect.

How to plant the coolest, most dazzling arrangements of bulbs for spring blossom displays: It’s simple. Study these photos. No, I mean, study them. Make a list of what is used. Make a sketch. Take NOTES!

In this photo, Iris reticulata, scilla and pansies. In this clump, toward the front of the photo, there are at least, AT LEAST 36 iris reticulata. You wanna show? Gotta plant in big clumps.

Tulip 'Fly Away' planted with carex. A minimum of 31 tulip bulbs. Don't be cheap. It only looks cheap in the end.

All photos courtesy of the Netherland Flower Bulb Information Center. Thank you Sally Ferguson.

Gardening 365, Day 273.