How to build a garden in 3 days…..indoors…..a big one!

I have attended garden shows forever.  At first it was all about awe and inspiration.  Then, slowly, came the understanding of the planning, work and sweat that goes into making it all come together. And now, here I am, the fluff and color garden design girl working on a display garden.   Dear Reader, follow along with me as we build a theme garden for the Boise Flower and Garden Show that opens on Friday morning.

Monday, March 20th:  at 3:30 pm met the construction foreman, landscape architect, Angel (no kidding, crew leader), and the guy who does the magic with the lighting.  Layout the space we are using with blue tape.  Locate all electrical outlets somewhere in the carpet.

Earlier in the day, field phone calls from the wholesale nursery advising me the 50-100 grasslike carex plants I had ordered -for their mopheaded grass like appearance – had all been given butch haircuts.  Heavy sigh. Checked with other local nursery pals.  One is using all the carex they brought in for their own display (great minds think alike), and the other, well, turns out the carex they ordered came in with a haircut as well.  Go figure.

It is now 7 am. I have a semi-truck full of plants due any minute from Arizona.  Off to the loading dock to see what I can see.