HOT WINGS(TM) Tartarian Maple rocks western gardens.

The fourth in our series of great alternative plants or “Instead of that ol’ thing, plant this!’

Move over acer ginnala. Aptly named acer tartaricum ‘Hot Wings’(GarAnn), has been described as Christmas in July. Discovered as a seedling in the growing fields of a nursery in Fort Collins, Colorado, its brilliant red whirlybird samaras hold fast for six weeks in the summer and look every b it like blazing red bouquets against the trees green leaves. It has an interesting autumn show as well: the outside leaves turn orange red and the innermost leaves a shade of yellow. Tough as nails and perfect for a smaller home garden, Hot Wings is tolerant of alkaline soils, drought conditions (once established), and thrives sun or part shade. Position this smallish tree as a focal point in the garden. Plant Select ™ 2007. 15 feet wide x 30 feet tall. Z 4-10, to 7000 feet.

I’ve got just the spot for one of these in my garden.

Check these out:

The brilliantly named “HOT WINGS”

And the old standby: Acer Ginnala (v. Mondy). Thanks to Monrovia for the photo.

Come on back now, y’hear? I have two more great plants to tell you about.