Hospital Food – yiiiiiick… we might fix it.

This information comes at an interesting time in my life. Kisha Schlegel’s weekly column in the New West Online Weekly ‘Zine touches a very sore subject with me. I could not believe how awful the food was in the hospital. OK, lemon jello is lemon jello but I could’ve sworn it was sugar free and that crap isn’t good for anyone. I tried tasting the beef broth. Gag me. It was so incredibly salty it was inedible. I actually spit it out. Tasted like those bullion cubes from a nasty little jar left in the cupboard the last 10 years (and no, you won’t find one in my cupboard). It was so salty…..why would a hospital serve something with that much sodium in it ? I am curious as to its actual nutritional value and whether or not it even had nutritional value? Since most of the folks in the hospital resume their food intake with clear broth-like foods, wouldn’t it make sense to prepare a vat of healthy home-made broth?

I’ll keep working on this issue. Meanwhile, kudos to Kisha for bringing it up.

On with the show: the dirt divas and a few old rakes bailed this girl out of trouble today. Everyone was on hand to plant and pot and fluff and sweep and arrange the gardens for the show. I am buying everyone lunch, Starbucks, presents, etc. That goes for Jan Haneke, Linda Jarsky, Carol Cole, Rebecca Needles, Bobette (oops), Matthew, and Tim Zsofran (I am sure that is spelled wrong as well), Don Belts, Patty from IBG, Stacy and the staff of Far West Nursery and everyone (specially Carol and Wendy) from Edwards Greenhouses and Carpenters Custom Florists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And Jeff of Epitome. And thank you for the food, care, understanding and support.