High Country Gardens, here I come…..going, and gone

You will NOT believe what I just did……..well, some of you will believe most anything about me. You will be right.

I just placed an order, for next spring, for new plants from High Country Gardens. I ordered one of the new Agastache cana ‘Rosita’, three, yes, three!!! , gorgeous new ‘Amethyst Falls’ oreganos. Probably should have ordered an even dozen. Three of the other oregano, ‘Rotkugel’ because I saw it used en masse in a garden in a fancy magazine last spring and haven’t forgotten how sensational it looked. A trio of the Prairie Dropseed grasses to see how they work here. Last, but not least, another ‘Orange Flare’ agastache to go with the ones I planted last year but which didn’t bloom. Hell, they may not even be alive. I can’t remember.

What prompted this rush of plant yearning and early ordering? Several things. I was standing on the patio in the warm sun (about 53 degrees in just the right protected place). Plus, I have been eyeballing the area around the bird fountain for the last few days, watching the robins, wrens, starlings, and flickers and thinking how much fun it will be to lose the turf and have just SOLID garden plants in that spot below the bedroom window. And when I fired up the computer and checked the e-mail this afternoon, there was the HCG newsletter and after browsing through it, I thought, well, what the heck, get a jump on the season, order up now and make sure you can get what you want before they sell out. It’s payday.

You can expect more of this goofy plant lust from me. I cleaned out the catalog basket and “discovered” the stash of plant and seed catalogs, some from last year and some for 2007 already.

Its never too early to think about the next season………..the best laid plans……..?