High and Dry

On Sunday we held the 20th annual garden tour to benefit the Idaho Botanical Garden. Besides having a wonderful turnout, we had folks clamoring for the plant list for Meg Robert’s and Mark Torf’s waterwise landscape in the foothills. Here it is: Meg’s Plant List

I am also including the annual water usage chart from the Roberts/Torf garden as well as their seasonal water usage chart. If you were wobbling back and forth over whether or not to switch over to a waterwise landscape, these charts may help you decide. The precipitous decline in water usage is amazing.

Meanwhile, back at the garden……..The Idaho Botanical Garden is soliciting comments and suggestions for the Children’s Garden Expansion project. Over $38,000 was raised and they want to hear from you. What kinds of things would you like to see or have your seen in a Children’s garden? Call them at 342-8649, or contact them through their website.