Hey big spender

For the gardener who has everything and still some space on their bookshelf, here is the big ticket Christmas item: Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium (albeit a digital copy from the one stored at Harvard). From the looks of it, it would be total indulgence, perfect for the poet/gardener in your life. Or for someone who likes to collect stuff.

Meanwhile, I know I promised to post on a regular, and daily basis, but the right hand is not working so well and typing with one hand is a pain in the…… pinched nerve or something in my shoulder and I haven’t EVEN been schlepping my luggage anywhere. Honest. And I do promise to get that Christmas list back up…..we lost it when we tried to rework the fancy computer code so now I have to retype the entire thing.

Don Belts and I start tomorrow on the designs for the four small gardens for the Boise Flower and Garden Show in March. The plan is to create 4 small apartment size gardens, each in a distinctive style, showing how you can create a tiny lovely Eden, no matter where or how small your alloted space may be. Maybe it is an apartment balcony? A townhouse patio? Or just a new space in your existing garden. One small area might need a face lift. Stay tuned. We have some wild and (of course) brilliant ideas. Have already called in the set designers from the local Shakespeare Theatre company.